Promoting health and wellbeing to Victoria's 2.6million workers

Booking Your WorkHealth Check

  • Download and print the application form - HERE
  • Fax to: 03 9641 1952

Or mail to:

WorkSafe Victoria
GPO Box 4306
Melbourne VIC 3001


What is WorkHealth?

WorkHealth is a five year, $218 million program aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Victorian workers. It represents a significant new investment in the health and safety of Victoria's workers and a major contribution to the Victorian Government's action on chronic disease prevention.

The 15 minute Workhealth Check includes:

  • Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Cholesterol Test (including LDL/HDL analysis)
  • Blood Glucose Measurement
  • Waist Circumference Measurement
  • Type II Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
  • Information Sheets
  • Individual Results Booklet
  • Consultation
  • Statistical Report for organisations providing 50 or more WorkHealth Checks

Which Employers Are Eligible?

  • Those that pay a premium under a WorkSafe Injury Insurance Policy
  • Those approved by WorkSafe as a self Insurer
  • Employers that are registered in a jurisdiction other than Victoria, but have a WorkSafe Injury Insurance Policy or are self insurers (eligible on behalf of workers in their Victorian operation only)

Which employers are ineligible?

  • Those unable to take out WorkSafe Injury Insurance Policy
  • Government agencies or business entities registered with Comcare
  • An employer, government agency or business entity operating wholly outside of the State of Victoria


Your organisation will be reimbursed

Employers will need to pay the endorsed service provider for each WorkHealth check delivered, and will subsequently receive reimbursement from WorkSafe Victoria.

Organisations with an annual remuneration of less than $10m will receive full reimbursement for the cost of the checks, meaning they are free.

Organisations with an annual remuneration of over $10m will be reimbursed $30 towards the cost of each health check. As this is the amount that CHM charge organisations with remuneration of over $10 million, the WorkHealth checks will be free for them too! Remember to quote our Endorsed Provider number 1030 on your application or any correspondence with WorkHealth.


Why Choose CHM?

100% free

Regardless of whether you are an organisation with a payroll above or below $10 Million, no contribution is required by your organization.

Highly qualified, experienced staff

CHM use qualified nurses and physiologists to conduct the checks who are directly employed by us (not sub-contracted through a third party/agency)

Marketing Support

CHM provide a range of free marketing materials including a Champions Pack with stress balls, water bottles, e-mail templates and posters to ensure maximum uptake from your employees.

We do all the work!

CHM have the back of house infrastructure to make sure that delivery of the WorkHealth checks is hassle free and doesn't burden your staff.

Integration with other health services

As Australia's largest health and fitness provider we offer seamless delivery with cross promotion of the whole range of health services (vaccinations, health screens, massage, educational seminars, group exercise, nutrition) leading to a fitter, healthier workforce.

Non-Victorian Employees

CHM can deliver WorkHealth checks to your employees based all across Australia (at an additional cost).

Lunch and Learn

As an additional benefit to your staff, CHM can present a seminar to your staff on a health related topic.

Appointment Booking Systems

CHM can provide on-line and hard-copy booking systems as best suits your workforce.

Understanding of departmental needs

CHM's existing relationship with Corporate Clients (over 100 corporate health programs and 30 corporate fitness centres) gives us a unique understanding of the needs of businesses.


Out of hours testing? Weekends? One day per month? No problem! CHM have the capacity to work around your needs to minimise the impact on your business.


Workplace Health Promotion Grants

Workplace Health Promotion Grants are one-off funding opportunities for employers to build or expand programs that promote worker health and encourage healthy behaviours in the workplace.

Workplace grants are only available to employers who have already offered health checks to the majority of workers in the last two years - as a foundation for ongoing workplace health promotion activities. To find out more information go to WorkHealth Website.

If you would like more information about WorkHealth please e-mail or call Mark Hall on 0406 2055 98.