CHM have a distinguished record in the design, setup and ongoing management of workplace, commercial, and residential health & fitness facilities.


CHM have a distinguished record in the design, setup and ongoing management of workplace, commercial, and residential health & fitness facilities.

With carefully formulated business and marketing plans, CHM will provide not just an exercise facility, but rather a resource centre offering a range of educational and motivational services designed to inspire all employees or residents.

CHM will help your organisation at every stage of the implementation process of setting up a new corporate or residential health club.

Service Features Include:

  • FREE Facility Layout & Design, Rollout
  • Promotion and Sign Up Week
  • Comprehensive Timetable Options
  • A range of add-on health services
  • Health Evaluator Assessment Software Package


Setting The Course For Fitness Centre Management

From a historical perspective, the conventional corporate fitness center was often a "nice amenity" to provide employees. Programming centered around exercise and "working out" with some recreational activities to round out the scope of services. Participation was voluntary and there was little, if any, focus or concern with health risk reduction, health cost containment, lowering absenteeism or other organizational outcomes.

Centers were internally staffed, programs not personalized. One size fit all and everyone who walked in the door was assumed to be ready to get fit. The typical setting was a fitness room or gym and little attention was paid to evaluation of programming and services.

Today's corporate fitness centers are more often fully-managed facilities which work hard to garner member participation and often compete for members' attention with long hours, longer commutes, and family obligations.

Today's members don't just walk through the door anymore, even when the door IS open. They must be courted, motivated, educated and inspired to participate and to do so regularly. In terms of fitness center management, we can't "just do it." We've got to design, develop, deliver, disseminate, evaluate, and then design again using what works best and discarding what doesn't. Outcomes-based, cost effective, integrated and diverse programming that adds value by leveraging other internal and external resources and services is the norm.

Participation and motivation is critical. Activities often occur in a multi-purpose, lifestyle-oriented setting rather than a "gym." Managing a program and facility such as this requires leadership for change rather than leaving success to chance. ("Centre of Health" - WELCOA 2004)

Enhance the experience of your onsite health club with the following member services:


Personal Training

For a results-driven workforce

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Massage / Myotherapy

For stress relief and quicker recovery

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Group Exercise

Enjoy the social side of fitness

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Workplace Rehab

More than just a strategy for injury management

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