CHM prides itself on providing a balanced, holistic approach to work site health promotion.


A well-rounded health promotion program includes awareness, education, intervention and support.

Well designed and executed incentive campaigns not only create interest in a particular health issue, they inspire action and reinforce the organisation's commitment to good health. CHM provide a unique service which caters for organisations of all sizes, industries and locations.


CHM Needs Analysis Program (NAP)

All employee wellness programs should have a formal evaluation component. This is strongly advisable for two major reasons. First, work site wellness programs are still relatively new endeavors for most organisations and their rationale and justification for existence are not always firmly established in the business community, particularly with todays more volatile business markets.

As a result, care and effort has to be taken to document the effectiveness and value of the program to the organisation. This purpose is even more critical when one recognises the nature of the individual firms business cycle. In good times, wellness may seem to be strongly supportable and perceived as a clear value to the organization. In harsher and more competitive economic times, wellness may be seen as a luxury that is not cost-justifiable given more streamlined or re-engineered organizational priorities.

The second major reason evaluation is important is due to its importance in refining the program over the long term. Without a formal and systematic evaluation effort, it is doubtful that the program will reach its maximum effectiveness and remain relevant to the changing needs of the work force. This particular role for evaluation is frequently labeled the formative aspect of evaluation, contributing to the refining of the programs purposes and methods. ("Planning for Wellness" - WELCOA 2005)

CHM's strategy for evaluating health at your workplace focuses on the following three questions:

1. Does your company facilitate healthy behaviour?
Even the most highly motivated employee is likely to fall short of their personal health goals if their environment does not support healthy behaviours on a daily basis. Office setup, onsite and surrounding facilities, peer support and management buy-in are some of the most vital elements in the design and deployment of a successful wellness program.

A CHM Account Manager or Onsite Health Coach conducting a personalised work site needs analysis at your site will help you identify aspects of your workplace that may act as barriers to healthy living. Evaluation of your existing workplace culture is also an important step in constructing a fully integrated program.

2. How motivated are your employees to adopt healthy behaviours?
"Readiness to change" is a concept frequently overlooked by conventional wellness programs. Many of these campaigns fail, not as a result of the content provided, but simply because the program did not consider the motivational readiness of its participants.

The second stage of the CHM NAP involves surveying your employees to determine their motivation to adopt healthy behaviour changes, with physical activity and nutrition being the focus. Results from this survey are then aggregated to produce a graphical representation of motivational readiness across your workforce.

Interpretation of this data allows us to confidently recommend logical strategies for your wellness program, in both content and method of delivery.

3. What is the current health status of your employees?
The third stage of our Needs Analysis Program is to conduct a physical health assessment of your employees. Our range of testing programs help to provide a high-level "before photo" of your workforce, allowing us to set realistic short and long term goals for your wellness program, if and when you choose to implement one at your site

As well as an aggregate report for management review, all our assessment services provide health feedback at an individual level, ensuring that all employees are given the best chance to improve on their results.


CHM Health Assessment Services

CHM provide a number of health assessment services to suit your workforce:

Executive Health Screening

Good health and time. Theyre on every executives list of most valuable assets. Our Executive Health Program is designed to help you preserve both. Your Executive Health exam will give you a clear evaluation about your health in terms you can understand. Best of all, your exam is done in one day either at your workplace or at a number of convenient locations around Melbourne.

The CHM Executive Health Program is available to individuals, couples, executive teams, directors and others interested in a premier health care experience. A member of our CHM Executive Health team will be happy to visit with you about individual or group fee schedules as appropriate.

"Head to Toe" Program

Our Head To Toe health check allows employees to experience a thorough and professional health screening conducted by a team of health specialists. Participants commonly rotate between 6 - 8 stations, and assessments covered can be specifically tailored to suit your workforce.

"Action Plan" Health Assessments

This 45 minute session allows participants to undergo a range of vital health assessments and then work with our qualified health professionals to construct a realistic action plan to address any results requiring further attention.

Health Essentials Program

A valuable tool for health analysis is blood testing. A 15 minute assessment measuring blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels provides a valuable insight into the health of an individual, and can provide signs of current or future health problems. Participants will receive results and valuable preventative information regarding the possible health implications (if any) of their individual results.

Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Natural Health

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