CHM prides itself on providing a balanced, holistic approach to work site health promotion.

Physical Health Services

Many studies have shown that one of the greatest contributing factors to poor physical health is lack of regular activity. Most, if not all corporate environments present daily obstacles making it difficult (or seemingly impossible) for employees to incorporate the recommended amount of physical activity into their working week.

Although onsite fitness facilities provide the optimum resource for workplace physical health programs, not all companies are that fortunate. At CHM, we pride ourselves on being able to apply various strategies to help your employees realise the myriad of opportunities to optimise their energy expenditure within their given environment.


CHM provides group activity services in a number of popular disciplines and formats (i.e. company-wide and/or departmental), as well as personal services for employees seeking 1 to 1 assistance. In addition, we also offer health promotion campaigns to raise awareness of incorporating physical activity at an individual level.

On a larger scale, CHM also provide event coordination services to assist in the planning and smooth delivery of workplace sporting events (e.g. Internal competitions, BRW corporate triathlon, Corporate Games, Team Building Exercises)

Utilizing a CHM Onsite Health Coach ensures that the process of optimising workplace physical health is simple, enjoyable, and measurable.

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