CHM prides itself on providing a balanced, holistic approach to work site health promotion.

Mental Health Services

For a buzzing workplace filled with energy and productivity, good mental health is a must. The characteristics of good mental health include the ability to enjoy life, resilience, good coping strategies and a good work/life balance. CHM can help your workforce achieve these characteristics by adapting their philosophy of identifying and measuring, educating, motivating and monitoring your staff.

Workplace stress in known to not only to be a great threat to the employees health and wellbeing, but also to have a negative impact on business. Although we all need a little stress to assist in meeting deadlines, hitting targets an so on, it is when this stressed in prolonged and the demands on the individual exceed their coping abilities that stress becomes a threat.

Increased job stress creates emotional, physical and behavioural concerns for both employees and managers. The effects on your employees result in absenteeism, low presenteeism, poor performance, high staff turnover and health and training costs to the company. Our services can assist with preventing, limiting and managing stress in the workplace.

Research also suggests that stress plays an important role in several types of ongoing health risks, especially: cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal conditions and psychological disorders.

Our professional recommendations and stress resilience programs provide a holistic approach to lowering and preventing job stress. CHM can provide the following:

Stress Management and Relaxation programs

Taking the holistic approach, CHMs onsite programs involve a stress audit where we identify the current workplace conditions for factors likely to generate stress; we then educate individuals and provide various coping strategies. This service offers a combination of massage, nutrition, office ergonomics, counseling and relaxation techniques all provided by on Onsite Health Coach and tailored to meet the needs of employees.


We can tailor various workshops and seminars to best meet the needs or your employee demands. Topics include time management, work/life balance, coping strategies, meditation and relaxation workshops, improving posture, better sleep seminars and more.


Our practitioners can offer massage in a number of different formats, disciplines and duration; including roving, seated, lying, and also from the head down to the toes. Our Massage Services Manager leads a team of highly qualified massage therapists who are continuously developing to provide premium service reflecting the popular trends of the massage industry.

Workplace Ergonomics

Poor posture alone can give your brain up to 30% less blood and oxygen. CHM can assess your office set up and provide recommendations to help improve employee posture. Assessments and programs can be provided to those employees who are experiencing posture difficulties.

Short Courses

We can provide onsite yoga, tai chi, meditation, and Pilates courses for employees. Studies have shown the most effective way to fight energy lulls and stress is with heavy doses of good stretching and controlled breathing.

Health Information

Our team of health professionals keep up to date with all the latest news. Our monthly newsletter, online client websites and health information packs allow the individual to research and learn valuable information in their own privacy.

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