Where people are excited to come to work and consistently give each day everything they have. A company that everyone wants to be a part of, and no one wants to leave. Investing in an effective and measurable Corporate Health program can create such a culture...


CHM Mission Statement

"To deliver innovative, cost effective and outcome based health management services for our clients, leading your employees toward a path of self management"

CHM has three underlying objectives:

1. For the Client:
To provide clients with a professional and responsible management approach that aims to maximise the return on their investment and provides good stewardship over their asset, being human or facilities

2. For Our Participants:
To provide those participating in our programs with the most informed experience that we can by having them greeted and assisted by friendly, knowledgeable and highly qualified staff and by providing them with a service which is superior to that presented by our competitors.

3. For our Staff:
To provide an environment that enables staff to develop a strong commitment to the programs we deliver and to enjoy what they are doing. It is also our aim to provide a career to all staff through continuing development and training.

Commercial Value
CHM delivers true, measurable commercial value to your organisation. Workplace health is no longer just seen as a 'nice thing to do', it is becoming a measure of organisationsal success.

The agenda has shifted from the prevention of accidents and disease to healthier work forces - building the 'mental wealth'. By developing an understanding of the underlying issues and adopting a structured strategy for health, development and personal growth, businesses can start to release the potential locked up in their employees.

Changing People's Lives

In an increasingly competitive market, what makes CHM the sensible choice for your wellness program?

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Australian Studies

Australia's largest workplace health trial has conclusively identified the following benefits gained after implementing a structured workplace health program

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